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Rev. Mark Watson/Pastor


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On Wednesday, February 14 we will begin our celebration of Lent.  We will begin this holy Season by turning to God through prayer, fasting, and almsgiving and by turning from sin.  Lent offers us the opportunity to take stock of our lives, to turn from sin and to live in a new way.

In the history of the Church, Lent has had a twofold meaning.  First, Lent was the final period during which catechumens prepared for Baptism.  Today it is the time of final preparation for those who will be fully initiated through Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist.  For baptized Catholics, it is the time of reflecting on the meaning of our Baptism.  Second, Lent is the Season of penance during which we turn from sin in order to turn back to God.

The parish offers parishioners various ways to grow spiritually.  In order to enter the Season of Lent, I invite parishioners to attend daily Mass.  In order to help parishioners enter into prayer, the parish will offer Little Black Books.  Please take advantage of these resources.  To assist with both fasting and almsgiving we will participate in Operation Rice Bowl of Catholic Relief Services (CRS).  Operation Rice Bowl offers an opportunity to fast and pray during Lent and to give the money saved to the work of CRS.  CRS assists those most in need throughout our world.

As well, Deacon Eddie Ensley and Robert Hermann will offer a mission to our parishes on Monday, February 19; Tuesday, February 20 and Wednesday, February 21.  The focus will be on how our Catholic faith can assist us in coping with the hurts of life and how in our relationships we can move beyond bitterness to reconciliation and peace.  Deacons Eddie and Robert are both assigned to St. Anne Church in Columbus, GA. They were both ordained to the Permanent Diaconate for the Savannah Diocese on June 2, 2001.  Since the late 1980’s they have lived a religious lifestyle of prayer, study and teaching Catholic spirituality with the guidance of their bishop and diocese.   I hope you will be able to attend these various programs during the Season of Lent.

May you truly experience the resurrection of the Lord this coming Holy Week.   Fr. Mark