A surge of Bossier City’s population in the 1930s  stimulated the creation of Christ the King
Catholic Church as it own parish, the first Catholic ministry  constructed in the area after
seceding from Holy Trinity in downtown Shreveport. Christ the King held  it's first service, the
Midnight Christmas Mass, in 1940, under Rev. Milburn Broussard, the church’s new pastor.

During 1954 the church community established Kindergarten to Eight Grade Christ the King
Catholic School, while renovations in the 1960s improved the church,particularly with an
installed air-conditioning system. Surrounding lands were purchased, some donated to the
church. Two mission churches were built as extensions of Christ the King:  St. Jude Catholic
Church in North Bossier, and Mary Queen of Peace in South Bossier.

The Feast of Christ the King on November 26,1978 marked another reconstruction of Christ
the King to its present state, dubbed a “magnificent temple” in the Bossier Tribune by its  
balcony and vast open space.

Christ the King School eventually discontinued in 1998 after 46 years of service. Regardless,
the school building enabled the organization of numerous church  activities: Food Pantry,
RCIA, Parish Religion classes, St. Vincent de Paul. Christ the King also witnessed a growing
Hispanic  population during the early 2000's, sparking new Hispanic  community events and
Spanish Masses led by Rev. Rigoberto Betancurt  beginning in 2003.  

Christ the King celebrated its 75th anniversary in November 2015 with our diverse church  
community, we pray to continue to generously share our time, talents and treasures for the
greater glory of  Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
Celebrating Diversity  and 75th year anniversary of Christ the King Bossier
La  Iglesia  Catolica  de  Cristo  Rey
Diocese of Shreveport