Rev. Karl J. Daigle/Pastor
Rev. Rigoberto Betancurt/Asst. Pastor
In the Scriptures,St. Paul reminds us that WE are
the Church, the temple of God, within whom the
Spirit of God dwells. As your Pastor, I would like to
thank you for the way you are,  the living presence
of Christ within your family, civic community and
your spiritual family at Christ the King. Your
generous commitment to sharing your time, talent
and treasure, in a spirit of faith, hope and love,
have built up the kingdom of God. May we
continually open ourselves to the loving heart of
Christ, so that we can remain, and become more, a
Church that is immensely pleasing to God, who is
totally deserving of the total gift or ourselves, in a
spirit of heartfelt gratitude. May God bless our
parish family through the the Mother of Jesus and
our spiritual Mother, Mary Most Holy.
 Fr. Karl
Mary Ann Palado
Business Administrator
Joanna Morgan-Huckabee
Dir.  Religious Education
Dea. Ricardo Rivera
Pastoral Assistant
David Becker
La  Iglesia  Catolica  de  Cristo  Rey
Diocese of Shreveport
Deacon Danny & Linda LeMoine
Deacon Ricardo & Wanda Rivera

David Anderson (Facilitator)
Eileen Swan (Vice Facilitator)
Jean Williams (Secretary)
Felix Rivera (Consultant)
Cherie Breffeilh
Frances McCalister
Jorge Pardo
Samuel  Mondello
Deacon Ricardo Rivera
Ann Kittler
Jim McCalister
(Finance Council Rep.)

John Thomas Gleason

Jim McCalister

David Bodden
Robert Gatti
John Arthur O’Hara
Francisco Trejo

Ann Kittler
(Pastoral Council Rep.)