Rev. Fidel Mondragon/Pastor

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We welcome you to learn more about Christ the King and possibly to become a member of this community. We are a diverse community of faith, a Holy People journeying together, led by God and journeying to God. As members of the Body of Christ we strive to bring Christ to the world through our lives. We have come far on our journey and have far to go. Our parish has strong English and Spanish speaking communities.Our Anglo community grows closer to the Lord through Mass and Sacraments, Parish School of Religion, Bible Study, Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, Adoration and communal activities. The Hispanic community grows in faith through Mass and the Sacraments, Parish School of Religion, Bible Study, Young Adult Ministry, the Caballeros de Colon, various devotions and social events. We need the gifts of all in order that the Lord, our Master builder, will build this church into a strong and faithful community. If you would like to learn more about Christ the King Catholic Church do not hesitate to contact me at (318)221-0238 or email me at


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Mary Ann Palado Office Administrator

  • Joanna Morgan-Huckabee Dir. Religious Education

  • Laura Reyes Religious Education Assistant

  • Laura Reyes/Maria Rosio Torres Office Assistant

  • Ricardo & Wanda Rivera Deacon & Wife

  • Facilities

  • James McCalister


    • James McCalister - Facilitator /Trustee
    • Christine Vergo - Trustee
    • Oscar Gomez
    • Pancho Trejo
    • John Fontenot


    • Richard Buchanan/Facilitator
    • Linda Boswell/Recorder
    • Cipriano Gomez
    • Mario Martinez
    • Thomas McClusky
    • Joanna Morgan-Huckabee
    • Laura Reyes
    • Javier Rojo