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Rev. Fidel/Pastor

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Opening our hearts to Jesus

What a year 2020 has been to live! What an Advent we are living and what a Christmas we can look forward to! It often seems that we are living in an unreal world!

We are about to celebrate Christmas, and I ask myself this question: Is it possible to have good come from evil?

With everything that has gone on with the Pandemic, many of us have lost a family member, a friend, or we

have stopped coming to our beloved Parish of Christ the King. Despite this pain, we as Christians who

celebrate the birth of Jesus, have a duty to encourage and support each other in these difficult times. But where do we get the strength to do this?

Let’s remember that first Christmas. What was the hope of the shepherds to whom the angels appeared, or

what were the expectations of the Magi who came from the East? Where did they get their strength from?    It wasn’t from the expectation of the price of wool to rise, or the price of lambs. Their driving force was the hope of seeing the Savior. This crisis that we are now experiencing can have a positive aspect which can help us in what really matters. Jesus said: “the man who has built his house on a rock has a firm foundation.” Your house can withstand storms!

We are being subjected to storms, we need to see that our foundation is on firm rock; that is, Jesus Christ. If not, we must reinforce it quickly! I read an article that says there are more deaths from suicide than from COVID 19 in Japan. People despair, not knowing that the remedy for despair is hope, it is Christ, it is eternal

life. This pandemic must purify us of other false hopes. Even the rich have not avoided getting sick. That is why we must make good out of this difficult time and may this good be a profound conversion. If you died tomorrow, what would be important to you today? Surely being in the grace of God! Put your life before God and get ready this Advent to celebrate this Christmas as if it were the first, the unique, and the last one in your life.

This Advent, I invite all the members of our parish of  Christ the King to prepare for this Christmas.

First: Prepare to receive the God of hope with daily prayer and the sacraments. I do not understand a Christian who claims to be Catholic if in this Advent season he does not go to confession and clean his house, his heart, for Christmas.

Second: Grow in humility. The fact that every day you go to church, to the store, or to visit someone and must wear a mouth covering is an act of obedience and humility. Jesus says: whoever humbles himself will be exalted. Use the mask, it is uncomfortable, but be humble.

Third: Care for your family. This Christmas, many will not be able to meet for the traditional Christmas Dinner. Perhaps you do not have money or there is a fear of getting sick. Still, the family can be united, even if it is not together. Take care of your family, after God, it is the most sacred thing you have.

I am not saying that this Christmas is going to be the best of our life. It will surely be different, but God wants us to be better at the end of the Christmas celebrations. Live this Christmas in the best way, live it in the grace of God, prepare yourself and pray every day, especially for the sick; be humble, take care of and love your family.

Merry Christmas and may Jesus, Mary, and Joseph protect your family,

Fr. Fidel Mondragon