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Rev. Fidel/Pastor

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The most valuable thing we have in this world is God, but after God is the family. Every Christian family, every family that wants to be happy is supported by pillars. If your children experience love at home, they listen, they understand… that is where they will seek to be happy, and when they form their own homes-families they will build happy places. If the husband and wife find joy, peace, and happiness in their home, they will not look for it elsewhere.

I share with you some points that help to find happiness in the family:

First: don’t lower your expectations, what you expect from your family, from your courtship. Keep your goals, fight for them. When a person has lowered his expectations he no longer expects great things and can say these phrases: “As now marriages no longer last, as now men are no longer responsible, as women are no longer home; well then I don’t get married anymore, I don’t compromise anymore. When you lower your expectations you are already preparing for failure.

Raise your expectations. If you are a woman or a man you should know what you are worth and what others are worth; you will respect yourself and you will respect others. Look for a high-quality marriage. Get ready to be a mom, a high-quality wife, be a husband, a high-quality dad.

Second: get ready for your family soon. This means self-control; control your temper, put an order in your time, master your selfishness, your sexual appetite. The best families            are formed with the best people. That among the members of a family the details never end, that the tenderness and the affection remain always.

Third: Value the good of friendship, this means mutual knowledge in a cheerful and trustworthy environment. Learning to value the friendly environment                                                 prepares you to value the family environment.

Fourth: Being of Christ: Marriage is not so much that they look at each other, marriage is learning to look in the same direction. The human being is beautiful, but human being gets tired and disappointed. There is no woman who is a perfect goddess, or man. Christ must be in the middle if Christ is in the middle both man and woman are aware of being loved and redeemed sinners. If we are aware of this, our tendency is not to accuse the other but to recognize I am also to blame. He who is near Christ is close to the Word and that Word            wants you to be a better person, a better man. To the extent that Christ is in marriage, in the family, everyone seeks what is best. Christ is a permanent call to excellence.

Fifth: Take care of prayer moments together. The family that prays together stays together. Ideally, there should be two moments of prayer together as a family each day. There are families that once a day eat and pray together. There are families that pray the rosary as a family every night. Of course, there are families that once a week together participate                  in the Eucharist. Doing this is to be aware that there is one who loves us and unites us, and this is Jesus.

Sixth: The first evangelizer at home is the father. In the Bible we read that the one who educates is a Dad: “Listen, children, the instruction of a father, and pay attention so that you gain understanding,”…

But today it is the father who sends the wife to the Church with the children and he stays with a beer in his hand, with his friends or watching television. That is a way to create atheist children. What the male child when he is 12 will conclude that men are for beer, friends, football, the Church and faith are what is for women.

The father is the first to summon prayer. He may lead the rosary, pray for everyone’s needs, invite all to pray as a family. It is how the children learn, it is how good people and families are formed.

Our Society is supported by families, let’s work to form good families and we will have a happier society.

A blessed week to all!  Fr. Fidel