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Rev. Fidel/Pastor

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 We know well that the Blessed Virgin has a unique place in the history of salvation. She was chosen by God and endowed with the grace necessary for her unique mission: worked with fidelity, purity, generosity and be the Mother of God. We know his way on this earth through the fruit of his womb, our Divine Savior Jesus Christ.

Jesus himself said: “By their fruits, you will know them” (Matthew 7:20). And we know Mary by that fruit that is Christ himself. This already indicates the immense holiness of the one who was chosen by God for that unique mission.  Disciple and at the same time Mother, Mary is the very expression of the power of grace that has also come to us. The same Holy Spirit that sanctified the heart of Mary and made her bowels fruitful is the same Spirit that we have received in our baptism.

Mary appears united to the work of co-redemption when we contemplate her at the foot of the cross, united with her whole being to the heart and redeeming love of her Son. For this reason, the Holy Church calls her Co-redeemer. God unites this woman in the task of engendering a new world. Mary’s participation in the work of the Redemption has its culmination in the Solemnity we celebrate every year on August 15.

The Apostle Saint Paul says: “Furthermore, because we are united with Christ, we have received an inheritance from God, for He chose us in advance, and he makes everything work out according to his plan” (Ephesians 1:11, …). If this is fulfilled in us, in a more perfect way it is fulfilled in the Virgin Mary, who melted her heart with the pains of Jesus on the cross, She has her victory associated with the Christ for the Resurrection.

The Assumption of Mary to heaven is a sign of faith. Faith was the light that led her through this valley of tears and her great bliss is on Elizabeth’s lips: “Blessed are you who have believed that the things the Lord has told you will be fulfilled!” (Luke 1:45). Then Mary in the glory of heaven in body and soul is telling,   proclaiming and teaching us that faith is what gives victory.

The Assumption of Mary to heaven is a sign of hope. All of us alive and day by day we experience the difficulties and persecutions of the world, these difficulties try to discourage us and move away from the way of the Lord, but we will not lose the goal if we set our eyes on the victory that God has given the Virgin. The storm is strong, but on the horizon, we see our Mother who has already reached that goal, has already reached the port. If she has arrived and from there she accompanies us with her prayer, in her, we have a very powerful sign of hope.

Finally. Mary’s Assumption is a sign of charity, a sign of love. The beauty of Mary, her grace that shines in her body and soul has a unique appeal. The beauty of her being is like a home for all those who are alive. It is clear that the care, the intercession, the smile of Mary is capable of moving huge crowds towards Jesus. We can verify this with all her       appearances, our Lady of  Lourdes, our Lady of Fatima, … but especially with our Lady of Guadalupe. It is the love that radiates from the heart, it is the sweetness that those eyes reveal, and it is the perfume of grace that welcomes us.

The devotees of the Holy Rosary, those who take in their hearts special love for Mary in their different avocations, those who have known her since childhood, know that she is not only a woman but is a home that receives us and with her sweet word invites us to make life the. At Cana’s wedding, in her humble and simple words, She told the servants: “Do what He tells you” (John 2:5).

That same thing, our Holy Mother keeps repeating to us from heaven: “do what my Son proposes to you, what he has taught you”. Beloved brothers, the assumption of Mary is a beautiful Celebration that confirms us in faith, hope, and love. Let us thank God that the Mother of his Son is also our Mother, that Her love takes us to the treasures of heaven. Amen

  Fr. Fidel