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Rev. Fidel/Pastor

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Celebrating 80th anniversary as a Parish

Identity: In the early part of the last century settlers and mostly Italian immigrants found land and made the east side of Red River their home. The Catholic were faithful and even more so when they discovered Holy Trinity  in Shreveport. There are hardships at that time, crossing the river either boat or walk was the only way to make it to Mass or receive the  sacraments. As the surge in Bossier City’s population grew, the Bishop of Alexandria saw the great need and created a new parish in 1939 and named it Christ the King. By 1954 an elementary school was opened and cotinued until 2000. In 1978 a new church was built under the leadership of Msgr. LaCaze. Today we are again an immigrant community filled with many from Latin American countries plus those from New Orleans who settle here following the Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Function: From the beginning and on to today we have been Disciples of Christ, followers of His way through the teachings of the scriptures, tradition and the presence of the Holy Spirit. It is our duty to be faithful and strong in our Catholic faith.  We want to be obedient to the Pope and to the Bishop of  Shreveport Diocese, for we are people of God in this parish of Christ the King.

Purpose: As believers in Jesus, we are called to love one another and our neighbors. We are called to care for the world that God has given us. As light for the world, we are called to service for the needy, the sick and dying, the outcast, those imprisoned, and for any other cause that may need our hands or hearts. Together we celebrate the Holy Mass and receive the sacraments. For it is in unity that we become stronger and a real example of Christ among us for others to see.

Future: Our challenge is found in the name of our parish, Christ the King, being faithful to the Son of God, Jesus Christ. As we live our Catholic faith in today’s world. 1. We must remain vigilant to the things that might keep us from the teachings of Jesus. 2. We must keep unity as Catholic before us as we live diversity of cultures. 3. Our calling is to be salt of the earth and ligh for others thus they will see our actions and know we live our faith and love one another whatever the cost. 4. As the young families grow reopening the school could be an option. As our aging members grow we need to discover ways to asist them and make our Church more accessible. 5. In the future we will want to continue our traditions and even add more.

Marian: Our blessed Mother has always held a place in the hearts of the people at Christ the King. In the beginning the Italians had the Immaculate Conception Society and now there are the followers of Our Lady of Guadalupe along with many devotions to our Lady. As the Mother of God ahs watched over her children for centuries she is protecting the people of Christ the King.